Western Giants

More Pictures From First LP1 Session

Western Giants in the Studio 001
Western Giants in the Studio 002
Western Giants in the Studio 004
Western Giants in the Studio 003

Here are a few more shots, taken by our own Kennon Talley, documenting our first recording session.
Expect to see a lot more footage as we venture on. This is only the start. We still have a long way to go.


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Drum Tracking for LP1 Began This Weekend

This weekend we went into the studio to start drum tracking for the upcoming full length. Our friend Andrew Majors, drummer of the band Babar, is engineering drums for the record. We spent three days setting up and tracking, and we walked out with completed drums for the first half of the record–and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with the drum sounds we are getting. We will start tracking bass and guitar this week on these tracks, then we will go in to finish drums for the second half of the record in a few weeks.

Here’s a sweet panoramic photo Andrew took of us in the studio space. (click to enlarge)

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Our Second EP Release

Long Live the Live Long Day EP Cover

New four song EP Available March 14!

1. Long Live the Live Long Day
2. Hard as the Road Ahead
3. Once We Reach the Other Side
4. Park

We’ve been working pretty hard the last two months to have this thing recorded, packaged, and ready to go by the time spring rolled around and it looks like we’re going to make our deadline.

We plan to release our second, four track, EP at our NX35 show on March 14th at Sweetwater Tavern in Denton, TX.

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Recording the New EP at Home

We are currently working on finishing up the new EP. We have recorded all of it at home. Our friend Trenton Wheeler of Seryn, who recorded our last EP, help us with some of it. Thanks Trenton. Anyway, here a few pictures that we caught over the weeks.

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Album Art

The fine people over at DayBowBow.net were kind enough to do a short little write-up about us, and debut the artwork to our upcoming EP. Go check it out!

I’ll post the artwork over on this side of the internet later on this week, along with the tracklisting, (once we figure out exactly what the tracklist is) so stay tuned for that. Over and out.


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Still at it

Well, recording is chugging along like a full steam locomotive at this point. We’re nearing some important deadlines that we’re afraid we might not make, but we’re generally on schedule. This coming week will be crucial. On a better note, the artwork for the album is finished. The cover of the album will more than likely debut on http://daybowbow.net/, so we’ll be sure to point you in that direction when the time comes.

As far as release date, right now we’re looking at May 21st, but that super, super, SUPER unofficial, so don’t quote me on that. Anyways, here are some more pictures of us recording.

Hopefully we can bang out the rest of the guitars this week, and then start on vocals. Here’s hoping.

Peace out.

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Recording is Underway

I’m going to try and make this as quick and to the point as a can because the rest of the guys have given me hell for adding my own weird personality and sense of humor into these things. We began recording with our good friend Trenton Wheeler (Baruch the Scribe, Seryn) and things have gone pretty smoothly so far. We have drums and most of the bass knocked out, and I’ll start laying down my guitar parts Tuesday. I’m going to try and keep a regular blog here, with picture updates and everything, so check back often. I’m happy we can let you guys in on this process, but I’m even more excited about everyone getting the final product. Here’s a few pictures from the first two days:


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