Western Giants

A Little Re-Band/Texas Tour

If you haven’t been able to tell already, A Semester Set Free is no more, but this might be the best thing to happen to it… Because now we’re a real band! We’re excited to get out there and show you what we’ve been working so hard on in the past few months. We have a few local shows lined up, but something to look out for for all you south/east Texans is a summer tour with our good friends This Old House! We just started booking it, so if you’re in any of the cities we’re coming to, and could help us out in any way (booking/attending/hanging out!) then please let us know. Here is the tentative schedule:

Thursday, May 28 – Norman, OK
Friday, May 29 – Dallas, TX
Saturday, May 30 – Austin, TX
Sunday, May 31 – San Antonio, TX
Monday, June 1 – Conroe, TX
Tuesday, June 2 – Houston, TX
Wednesday, June 3 – College Station, TX
Thursday, June 4 – Waco, TX
Friday, June 5 – Tyler, TX
Saturday, June 6th – Denton , TX

Another thing on the horizon is new recordings. We’re hitting the studio with our good friend Max Townsley (myspace.com/roygandthebiv) in mid-April to start working on some sort of album. Whether it will be a shorter EP, or a longer full-length is still up in the air, but definitly keep checking back for updates.

Well I guess that’s it for us. I got enough soup on the stove to choke a horse, so I better run before it boils over and my kitchen starts to look like a volcano eruption. Stay safe this Spring Break!

Kennon Talley
Western Giants


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