Western Giants

An Introduction/Explanation of Sorts

I realized that I never really explained what this project is, and what I’m trying to do. At least not on here anyway. Basically, I started this at the beginning of this fall semester. It also happened to be right after a sort of turning point in my life. Confused about what I was doing (School wise, and life wise) I decided I haven’t been doing the one thing I love to do. That is making music. Right then I decided to set a goal for myself. I wanted to record a song a week, for seven weeks, and at the end of it I’d have rough demos. After completing this goal, I planned on going back, re-working the songs, and prepare to record an album, which would be available in the spring.

Right now, you sort of caught me somewhere in the middle of recording the demos, and recording the album. Originally I thought when it came to recording the album, I’d do most of the instruments alone. As time went on, and the demos progressed I realized I would be limiting myself if I didn’t bring in any outside influence. I’ve been working with a couple friends, and we’re excited about playing show in the near future, and eventually recording a real record.

Check back often for upcoming shows and updates. Once the recording process has begun (which will hopefully be in January) I’ll start keeping a regular blog, with pics and video, so watch for that as well. Hope the holidays have been kind to you all. Stay warm!



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